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Seed-use Shell-less Pumpkin
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Jiuquan Eton Seed Co. Ltd. is a seed enterprise consisting scientific researching, breeding, processing and selling. We have been cooperating with advanced seed companies and scientific breeding institutes at home and abroad for a long time and we have built solid relationships with these units on common R&D, producing and sales agent. Now we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with more than ten countries in the world like America, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, South Korea and Japan. We are committed to introducing and breeding foreign high-quality seed and researching on our own species. We have made tremendous achievements on introducing, breeding and popularizing corn, edible sunflower, oil sunflower, summer squash, muskmelon, high-end vegetables and long-day imported onion. "Yitian" imported onion species like Jindi, Jinmandi and Zijin have become famous brands in onion distributing center of Hexi region.
Jiuquan Yitian Seed Co. , Ltd.

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